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Finally a great fabric solution for heavy exposure to disinfectants

Our MATRIX material is exceptionally resistant to all common disinfections.

In general, medical index MATRIX cover resist extremely well to all kinds of disinfectants. Nevertheless, we advise to test the particular surface disinfectant in advance or to contact us in case of doubts. Generally, surface wiping can be done numerous times without problems with the following commonly used products:

- Alcohol based disinfectants like:

Betadine (Iodine) (Betaisodona) Octenisept   Octeniderm Kodan Tinktur forte Betaseptic Mundipharma Sterillium classic pure Sterillium Virugard Desderman pure

- Phenol based disinfectants

- Disinfectants based on quaternary ammonium

- Active chlorine based disinfectants (> 100 times 5000 ppm)

Please always keep in mind to rinse the cover extensively with pure water after using chlorine.

- Chloramine based disinfectants

- Peroxyde based disinfectants

...and many more disinfect agents 

  • 100% halogen free
  • Washable at 95°C (tested over 100 times with excellent results)
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance (>1 year in jungle test)
  • Excellent resistance to sterilisation (autoclave)
  • Excellent resistance to active chlorine and a broad spectrum of disinfectants.
  • Best chemical resistance of PU’s on the market
  • Flame retardancy (BS7175, Crib 5)
  • Oeko-tex Standard 100 

"MATRIX" for X-Ray Protection