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radiation/lead glasses – x-ray protection glasses

x-ray protection glasses

Finally! The first x-ray radiation protection glasses which offers protection from all sides!

New 3D-Protection-System with patented lead-free Protection material.

100% Protection: at the Front, from the Side , from the Top and Bottom

medical index x-ray protection glasses MI-100PP

Optimized protection of the eyes without gaps on spectacle hinges and lenses

Optimized protection from scattering ray at the top, bottom and side

The eye contour and the lateral protection are made from the new lead-free protective material Trilliant

Extremely light and unbreakable
: the eyeglass frame is made of TR90 the best material that can be used for eyeglasses

The radiation glasses has adjustable nose pads made of silicone for a comfortable fit

The temples are made of a 2 component material: TR90 with a rubber pad:
This offers a better and more comfortable fit behind the ears.
• Glasses certified in PSA category 3
• Glasses certified according to DIN Standard

Exclusive Medical Index Design:
Eye Curve 4 Advantage: all strengths up to +/- 10 dioptres as well as +/- 6 cylinders can be incorporated for corneal astigmatism.
At curve 6, the possible strengths are clearly limited.