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double sided x-ray aprons

Double Protection from Shoulder to Knee – double sided x-ray aprons

Radiation protection aprons are supposed to give protection where it is especially important. In particular the upper-front part of the body including sternum and collarbone needs to be covered (for excellent x-ray protection we suggest to use an integrated or single thyroid shield). For this purpose our x-ray double aprons are outstanding: a complete double coverage for the areas mentioned above.
Through an overlapping for example of two 0.25-mmPb-frontparts a 0.50-mmPbcoverage from the upper body down to the knees is being obtained. Double x-ray aprons with a different model pattern have a double layer, and guarantee the same protection.

A comfortable belt with snap lock fastener for release of the lower back and soft shoulder pads for comfortable wear are already included. When requested we are pleased to provide you with a wide-elastic belt for an optimal release of the back.

You have a range of eight models, and we are confident we have the best apron for you. One model persists without hoop and loop fastener – one of our development which has been requested from our customers.


x-ray double sided apron BRDA

X-ray double apron with overlapping in the middle. Velcro and magnetic closure available. 
(Color displayed: Nr.15) Colors

Doppelschuerze BRDA Magnet

x-ray double sided apron MADA

Apron with eleastic belt for maximum back relief.
Velcro and Magnet closure available.
(Color displayed: Nr.12) Colors

Doppelschuerze MADA2 elastic belt open front

x-ray double sided apron WDA

For a long life time use - apron does not require a velcro fastener.
(Color displayed: Nr. #2-3) Colors

Doppelschuerze WDA backside

x-ray double sided apron WEDA

Extremly comfortable and back friendly.
(Color displayed Nr. #10). Colors

x-ray double sided apron WEDA