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Is thyroid protection necessary from radiation?

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A functioning thyroid is necessary to ensure the health of an organism. The thyroid gland is indispensable for a variety of tasks, but it also tends to be susceptible to disease. What can be done to best protect your thyroid?

The thyroid - an important organ

The thyroid gland is a gland below the larynx, which is responsible for the formation of vital hormones. The hormones produced thereby are responsible for the growth of individual cells and are important for a healthy energy metabolism. Since the thyroid is responsible for a variety of tasks, it is also extremely susceptible to disease. In particular, iodine deficiency can lead to goiter or nodule formation and favor further diseases. Thyroid cancer can arise when inoperative cells spread and displace healthy cells.

Can you get Thyroid cancer due to radiation?

According to the German Society of Endocrinology (DGE), Thyroid cancer has increasingly attracted attention in recent years due to rising numbers of cases. Although genetic factors may favor thyroid cancer, it is not yet clear which risk factors contribute significantly to the formation of thyroid cancer. It is known that direct contact with ionizing radiation, e.g. in the form of medical radiation or exposure to radioactive radiation, can significantly promote cancer.

What can be done to best protect your thyroid?

If the thyroid gland needs to be examined for possible diseases by means of computerized topography (CT), the body area is exposed directly to radiation. For such investigations no protection of the thyroid gland is possible. However, since the patient is exposed to much larger radiation on CT than conventional X-ray irradiation, the need for such a diagnostic procedure must be carefully considered.

In general, any irradiation must be weighed against a justifying indication. Only when the benefit outweighs the risk should a radiation be carried out. Parents should insist on providing the best possible protection for their children in the event of any radiation. If, for example, other body parts are irradiated, at least a thyroid protection should be applied. Attention should be paid to the size of the thyroid model, which can be optimally adapted to the individual patient.

Medical Index offers two different models in different sizes. In addition, dental aprons can be provided with additional ruffs to allow extended protection. Call and get advice on how to best protect your patients´ thyroid.