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Why X-ray protection glasses are essential in radiology

Mann traegt die MI 100PPHave you ever asked yourself if X-ray protection glasses are needed?

It is widely known that X-ray protective clothing and X-ray gloves will protect important organs when you are being exposed to radiation. Likewise, it is important to protect sensitive parts of the body that are being exposed to a great extent such as the eyes. Working with radiation can greatly increase the risk of eye disease or even blindness.

Reasons to wear x-ray protection glasses:

  • Regular exposure of a body part to X-rays can result in harmful and often permanent after- effects.
  • Radiation goggles minimize the radiation that the eyes are exposed to. The harmful effects of X-rays for the eyes, to which you are regularly exposed to during fluoroscopy or radiology, are significantly attenuated...
  • If you are exposed to X-rays regularly in your profession, you should protect yourself from repeated exposure. Before radiation goggles were used, doctors and technicians were          exposed to severe cataract risk due to regular radiation.
  • Even if you do not work in fluoroscopy or radiology every day, a preventive measure would be desirable for your health. Repeated recordings can have cumulative effects.
  • A rule of thumb: If lead protection or X-ray protective clothing is being used, protective glasses should not be missing!

Radiation glasses protect one of your important and sensitive sensory organs. Why should you neglect your eyes in protection? X-ray protection glasses should therefore be an important consideration for people working in an environment where X-radiation is regularly exposed, as is the case, for example, in fluoroscopy.

Without this protection, health can be at risk. Let Medical Index advise you without any obligation.