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Is CT eye shields an indispensable protective measure in computed tomography?

Roentgenschutz fuer Patienten CT Protection Eye ShieldsA computed tomography (CT) scan is an important instrument to diagnose diseases, especially in high-risk patients. Doctors can use this imaging procedure to initiate life-saving measures. But because this procedure is radiation-intensive, optimal patient protection should be of the highest interest.

How high is the radiation exposure in CT examinations?

According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz), general CT examinations have steadily increased in Germany in recent years. An exact indication of the effective dose of CT examinations cannot be made. However, it is known that CT examinations have a relatively high radiation dose in comparison to conventional X-ray examinations. The skull examination or cranial computed tomography is the most frequently performed sectional image diagnostics. In particular, the eyes of the patient are exposed to a high radiation dose, which can cause dangerous after-effects for the sensitive organ.

How can the eyes of patients be protected?

First of all, the responsible staff must decide whether a CT scan is inevitable or not. Especially in children, pregnant women and people with risky medical history should not be carried out unnecessary X-ray examinations. If there is a justification for the CT application, certain safeguards should be put in place. On the one hand, the patient may be asked to place their eyes on the feet rather than upwards during the examination to reduce the distance between the eye lens and the scan area.

On the other hand, putting on protectors can reduce the exposure of the eye lenses. This CT eye protection can help to reduce the radiation risk for the important organ eye a lot. It must be remembered that the protectors in the eye area do not obstruct the work of the imaging.

CT Eye Protection from Medical Index

At Medical Index, you will be offered a CT eye protection that can be adapted to the individual patient by means of hypoallergenic adhesive surfaces. It also provides the best possible protection for the important areas around the eye. Furthermore, artifacts are minimized by the built-in spacer. The CT eye protection consists of vinyl and barium sulfate, which can be disposed with normal waste. It is a single use product to prevent possible contamination between patients.

We are happy to advise you on this or our other products to give your patients the best possible protection. Call us or write us.

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